Home is a feeling project

Do you ever see a photograph of a room or a front porch and immediately think of home? A photograph with no one in it but the objects - toys spread out on the floor or a blanket gingerly tossed onto the couch - that still give you the sense it's home? Sometimes I take photographs and don't even realize what they mean until afterward. I notice the light or the arrangement of objects and just think it's pretty enough to document. It's not until I'm editing and see the finished product, that I really see the intention behind what I did. I didn't even think this would turn into a project until I attended a great documentary workshop and started blasting a new album in the car. The documentary workshop made me think it could maybe be a project, but the song solidified it. I want to use these images as my own Home album - a present reminder that we live here and we love it and a future reminder of what our home felt like.

Hickory floors, swing on a porch

Don't mean a damn thing

Sheets on a bed, ain't nothing but thread

If they're always empty

With no to wake up to

To make the lonely stop

I remember when you're with me

I forget it when you're not

If life lesson is a lesson, love is an action

If pain is a weapon, sorrow's attraction

If you've got a heartbeat, you know you me

If a house is a building, home is a feeling

--excerpt from Home is a Building from the album Encore by Anderson East

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